The Story of Marta: “He controlled every step of my way”

At the age of 17, I had a newborn, and soon after that I developed a relationship with a man. Everything happened very quickly, we moved to a small village, rented an apartment with two rooms, everything seemed great. I was also relieved to leave my abusive parents, who had never said one kind wordContinue reading “The Story of Marta: “He controlled every step of my way””

It’s time to join!

THE PROBLEM Those who have suffered through human trafficking in childhood should have access to help and support in the emergency immediately after escaping the exploitation. But they also need support when they have healed a bit and identify as survivors. Short-term help is available more often than long-term support. Once victims get out ofContinue reading “It’s time to join!”

Invisible Children Forum

The Invisible Children Forum and ECPAT Norway promote the voices of survivors. Most survivors of human trafficking never report these crimes. While some want to forget everything, to be able to process it, many feel ashamed, or are afraid of being stigmatized. Others live in constant fear of retaliation from criminal networks, or to beContinue reading “Invisible Children Forum”