It’s time to speak up!

Have you survived human trafficking in childhood? Have you struggled with this for many years and never felt that the help you really needed was there? You are not alone. Through the project “If you speak up, I will join!” both survivors and professionals working with survivors will connect to lift the voices of survivors together. Survivors deserve to have their voice heard.

If you speak up, I will join! celebrates empowerment and resilience, lifting the voices of survivors of all forms of human trafficking, including sexual exploitation, forced marriage, forced labour and modern slavery.

By gathering experiences and best practices across borders, we strengthen each other. The time has come for the voices of those who have survived to be heard. Get involved and speak up today!

The “If you speak up, I will join” campaign is produced by LightUp Norway, a youth organization committed to ending human trafficking and sexual exploitation.

Contact us!

The project is run by organizations in Latvia, Russia, Sweden and Norway. We also have contact with several countries in the Baltic Sea region. We are interested to get in touch with survivors and organisations working with survivors in other countries to further develop the project.

Together, our voices can change the world!

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