HopeNow are joining the If You Speak Up, I Will Join family!

Photo by Chris Lawton on Unsplash

We are pleased to announce that HopeNow, a Danish NGO working with victims and survivors of human trafficking, have become partners within the If You Speak Up, I Will Join project. HopeNow was established in 2007 to support the empowerment and human rights of trafficked people.

The mission of HopeNow is to seek, find, identify, and work supportively and motivationally with men, women, and children who are marginalised, stigmatised, and often criminalised because of human trafficking. The organisation seeks to empower and support each person within their specific circumstance to achieve a direct improvement of their situation. The relationship with the survivors is built over time and they are continuously followed up to establish durable solutions. From a legal perspective human trafficking is where criminal law, immigration law and human rights law intersect. Therefore, an important part of the efforts to advance long-term positive change lies in advocacy and legal interventions. HopeNow has created precedents in law by reversing criminalisation of trafficked persons that protect people’s human rights.

As we enter a new phase of our project, we are welcoming new partners each with a survivor centric focus. We will continue to add information on all our new partners.

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