Mental Health & Human Trafficking

Digital series by Humans for Humans

We would like to invite you to our digital series designed for professionals working with
human trafficking survivors or fighting against this crime.
We invited several global professionals to provide a free class, webinar or lecture about
different topics related to mental health and human trafficking, to help understand the
struggles faced by the survivors and how to support them overcoming it.

Our first speaker is Silvia Gurrola Bonilla, who will show us how to become
acquainted with the benefits of expressive writing as a practical coping method to
deal with trauma caused by sexual abuse and sex.

This webinar is FREE of charge and online via Zoom.

Humans for Humans is a non-profit organization, based in Norway, which provides a free mental health support for humans trafficking survivors and professionals who work with them.

2 thoughts on “Mental Health & Human Trafficking

  1. It was not very obvious how to find the sign up form… one needs to click on “kommentere” to get there. Where it says register, you end up on Humans for Humans start page on the web, with no further info on this event.

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