From a survivor

Photo by Sydney Sims on Unsplash

I was 15 years old when I objected to injustice. In a rebellion, I ran away from home – straight into a ”nest” that human traffickers had prepared for me.

I call it a ”nest” because they had control over my life. They managed to convince me that they cared about me. But the only thing they probably cared about was the profit. They told me that the right thing was wrong and the wrong was right. And with that, they forced me to sell my body. 

I don’t quite know whether the human traffickers, or the customers who buy children and young people are the worst. But you know, like me, how many people that think these things are ok. And how good they are at hiding it. 

That is why I want you, who have also experienced human trafficking as a child or youth, regardless of whether it was for sexual services, forced labor or begging, to contact me. Together we can gather the voices of everyone who has experienced similar and give power to those voices. 

No one else can make as much difference as us survivors who have our own experiences.

Hug from Regina
Coordinator, Invisible Children Forum

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